Public Nuisance

from by Snail's Pace



Your time ran out
But here you are
And you're still runnin your mouth
So sick of hearing everything you think
Your words mean nothing.
You're just another sheep

Work so hard
To put everyone down
So easy to see
Why no one wants you around

Can't go a day
Where I don't hear your two cents
Silence is golden
Stop with the nonsense

When will you learn
I don't care what you say
You don't have my respect
You pissed it away

left for good
But you still gotta chime in
It's time you leave it behind
And you get over it

Your clueless opinions
Your factless statements
Every word you speak
I can't fucking take it.

Always talking
Never knowing
Your entire life
Said a whole lot of nothing

A rotten way to live your life
Always gotta speak your mind
If there's one thing I learned with time
You talk so hard but have no spine

Your Talk is cheap and you just can't afford my time


from DEMO 2014, released July 28, 2014



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