DEMO 2014

by Snail's Pace

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(free) 02:10


released July 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Snail's Pace

Wilkes-Barre / Boston

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Track Name: Intro / Obstruction
I see you move your mouth but I don’t understand a thing that comes out
It’s all gibberish you’re talking bullshit.
Everywhere I turn, you’re in my way.
If I see your face one more time I think I’ll go insane.

Stay away / No one wants you here / I’ll do whatever it takes to make that message come in loud & clear

Walking around like you’re the king of the castle
But no one knows who you are and we’re all laughing at you
A selfish fucking attitude, all you care about is you
Its time you get your ego checked and move on to whatever’s next.

Stay away / No one wants you here / I got what it takes to make that message come in loud & clear

I’ve got no patience left.

You’re a slimy fucking snake
And I don’t trust a thing you say
Your pompous brain and bullshit act
I’ve seen too much to let it skate.
Stay Away
No one wants you here so get the fuck out.
Track Name: Pathetic Existence
Tried seeing things from your point of view
But I just can't seem to sink as low as you
Can't understand how you sleep at night
When you only exist to live a pathetic life

I never called you my friend
Cause I never cared about you

Always tried so hard Just to fit in
It's no surprise you gotta wear another's skin
Put on front / Try to act full of hate
But I know the truth you're just a jealous fake

I never called you my friend
Cause I never gave a fuck about you

Look around /No one ever took you seriously

Did you ever really think
You could pull that shit on me?
Track Name: No Queen / No King (feat. Ned Russin)
Looking & searching for your redeeming feature
At the end of the day it couldn't be clearer
If they're young & naive you latch on like a creep
Your sick & twisted power trip it ends right here with me

YOU tell them how to think
YOU tell them what they cannot say
Tell them anything to ensure that you'll get your way

YOU tell them what to wear
YOU tell them what they cannot hear
Tell them somewhere else. It's time you disappear

Done watching your fucking game
Been 10 years and it's still the same
I don't know who made you royalty
I won't bow down you'll never get me
Track Name: Public Nuisance
Your time ran out
But here you are
And you're still runnin your mouth
So sick of hearing everything you think
Your words mean nothing.
You're just another sheep

Work so hard
To put everyone down
So easy to see
Why no one wants you around

Can't go a day
Where I don't hear your two cents
Silence is golden
Stop with the nonsense

When will you learn
I don't care what you say
You don't have my respect
You pissed it away

left for good
But you still gotta chime in
It's time you leave it behind
And you get over it

Your clueless opinions
Your factless statements
Every word you speak
I can't fucking take it.

Always talking
Never knowing
Your entire life
Said a whole lot of nothing

A rotten way to live your life
Always gotta speak your mind
If there's one thing I learned with time
You talk so hard but have no spine

Your Talk is cheap and you just can't afford my time